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#GameChanger! #BoostYourGoogle+Posts!

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When you boost a post on Facebook, it goes When you boost a post on Google+, it goes to...over 2 million sites on the Google Display Network! If you didn't think Google+ was a #gamechanger yet, then this should convince you that it surely is! For the first time ever, you can pay to [...]

On Hummingbirds and SEO

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So, what is Hummingbird, and how is it affecting SEO? Well... Like all the other updates (Panda, Penguin Caffeine...) Hummingbird represents a major new change in Google's algorithm, while simultaneously being a non-event for savvy marketers. Why? Because fundamentally, NOTHING HAS CHANGED... Google is simply updating it's algorithm to accomplish the exact same thing it [...]

The CRITICAL Importance of Titles, Descriptions and Keywords

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When it comes to the titles, descriptions and keywords on a website, most people get it completely wrong. Some don't even think about it, and end up with crappy ones by default. But not you! In this video, learn exactly what they are, how to do them right as part of your affordable SEO strategy, [...]

The Fusion Of SEO And Social Media Marketing

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The lines between social media marketing and SEO are definitely getting blurry. For example, if you Google my name, "dave sherwin" the "SEO" result will display about 50% regular old fashioned stuff (My site, articles, etc.) but the other half are social profiles, like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And this is not just true of [...]

Alexa Rankings Suck.

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I am no longer using Alexa rankings in any serious way when I analyze a website. I used to love Alexa rankings, and checked the cool little Alexa bar on the bottom of my Firefox browser every time I went to a site. But unfortunately, it's just not very accurate anymore. Whether it ever was, [...]