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Pricing Your Product For Sales and Conversion

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Guest lecturing at UVU I reviewed a cool product called the "Scarf-Cardi," a women's accessory that makes for a handy scarf or cardigan. Pricing is psychological, and choosing price points should be thought out VERY carefully, and tested thoroughly. Here's a few tips I have picked up over the years, and some surprising results: .

Automate, Duplicate & Delegate!

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We got this great testimonial over the weekend, which is a fantastic tribute to the Edge Marketing System, but I also like how Herb is using technology to Automate, Duplicate, and Delegate- (a good kind of A.D.D.!) To Dan Putnam & Dave Sherwin RE: Edge Marketing System I wanted to let you both know of [...]

7 Characteristics Of Hot Products

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Picked up a TON of great stuff at Live 7: here’s Paul Lemberg’s 7 characteristics of hot products: It’s a WANT, not a NEED. Let’s face it, people don’t like to buy things they need. For instance, people hate to buy insurance, but go out of there way to buy products that improve their health [...]

Blackbox is amazing- move fast

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In the last three years I’ve seen a lot of product launches, and bought my share. I’ve been sucked in by lots of good sales copy, and been disappointed many times. So I am at a point that I’m pretty tough to impress. But the BLACKBOX launch has absolutely blown me away. As I read [...]

Article Marketing- Top submission sites

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OK- you should just have to pay me commission right now just for reading this. You have NO IDEA how much time and trouble this information would have saved me if it would have been handed to ME on a silver platter the way I’m about to give it to you… but OK, enough whining [...]