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Personal Efffectiveness

23 Golden Rules for Online Entrepreneurs

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As I prepare for the Escape The Matrix radio show, I have thought a lot about the basics. What makes mine, and other successful online businesses work? Why is it that so many people fail? In an attempt to help people be more successful, I have spent a lot of time thinking about those rules [...]

Success Formula: Three Books That Will Change Your Life

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Here at Escape the Matrix, our entire focus is on success: success of our clients, personal success, and company success are our top priorities.  Of these three categories, we realize that personal success trumps the other two by a landslide. Why?  Because how can we help our clients be successful if our own business is [...]

Thanks for sending your link, BUT…

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I am hit up on a daily basis by people wanting me to either buy their program or market it. And I have a good attitude about it- I market my stuff as well, so I would be a hypocrite to no consider other peoples offers. BUT... I simply don't have time in the day [...]

The Zen Of An Empty Email Box

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Are you trying the "Empty Email" box thing? Me too. But I have struggled to come up with a great system for it, until recently. But after reading David Allen's "Getting Things Done" and making some changes to my system, I have finally arrived at what is working the best, and is easy to do. [...]