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23 Golden Rules for Online Entrepreneurs

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As I prepare for the Escape The Matrix radio show, I have thought a lot about the basics. What makes mine, and other successful online businesses work? Why is it that so many people fail? In an attempt to help people be more successful, I have spent a lot of time thinking about those rules [...]

What it means to "Escape The Matrix."

– Posted in: Entrepreneurship, Personal Development

Recently, my wife and I took a dream cruise to Alaska. It was not only an amazing vacation, it was a life experience. Interestingly, Princess Cruise Lines motto is "Escape Completely." And we did! We got away from everything, and while we were away we watched glaciers calve massive columns of ice into the sea, [...]

Success Formula: Three Books That Will Change Your Life

– Posted in: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Personal Development, Personal Efffectiveness

Here at Escape the Matrix, our entire focus is on success: success of our clients, personal success, and company success are our top priorities.  Of these three categories, we realize that personal success trumps the other two by a landslide. Why?  Because how can we help our clients be successful if our own business is [...]

John Wooden's Pyramid Of Success

– Posted in: Personal Development

John Wooden was probably the greatest coach of all time, in any sport. If he had lived, he would be 100 years old today, so I thought I would post his Pyramid of Success, and 12 Lessons In Leadership. The Pyramid is available here:  Pyramid Of Success Download Here's the 12 lessons in leadership: 1. [...]

Your Computer Is NOT A Typewriter.

– Posted in: Personal Development

Bill Gates once estimated that people only used 5% of the software on their computer. I think that's true. One day I was looking at my computer, and I thought to myself, "This thing is a cash register and I just haven't learned to make it ching yet." I hope you've had the same thought. [...]

Daily Inspirational Powerpoint On Abundance

– Posted in: Personal Development

I created this inspirational powerpoint, and put it to music, to help me be more successful, more grateful, and more abundance minded. I share it with you too, feel free to download it if you like it! The only thing I do ask is that if you use it for commercial use or on a [...]

My Favorite Blog Post

– Posted in: Personal Development

The other day somebody asked me what was my favorite blog post (on my own blog.) It was an easy answer, it's this one: The sad part is, I can't take much credit for it, I just found a great video by the makers of "The Secret" and posted it to my blog. But [...]

Chasing Money…

– Posted in: Personal Development

I was listening to Dennis Waitley from a recording of the Jim Rohn Leadership event in 2004. In the teen breakout, one of the kids asked him about making money. His response was fantastic. I basically said, "Never chase money. Make money chase you." Wow! A whole sermon in a single sentence. But think about [...]