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#34 Social Marketing for Non “Techy” People

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Perhaps the biggest misconception that is shared among marketers who consider themselves "non-techy" is the opinion that there is only one right way and a zillion wrong ways to market through social media.  In reality, there are countless ways to establish a successful marketing presence with social platforms, but there are also countless-plus-one ways to [...]

#GameChanger! #BoostYourGoogle+Posts!

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When you boost a post on Facebook, it goes When you boost a post on Google+, it goes to...over 2 million sites on the Google Display Network! If you didn't think Google+ was a #gamechanger yet, then this should convince you that it surely is! For the first time ever, you can pay to [...]

Just A Little Network Marketing Rant…

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As an internet marketer, I get daily Google Alerts for all the key-terms I follow for my various sites. And in my other niches (mainly "social marketing" and "weight loss") there is always tons of great, new, current information to help me create articles and blog posts. But for online network marketing? NOT! As a [...]

Best Conferencing Solution

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For the last three years, I've used gotomeeting as my conference solution, and I really have no complaints about it but one: the price! 100 bucks a month is just too much for what it does. So, I have spent a lot of time looking ad the alternatives, and decided to go with GVO's conference [...]

Good Questions To Ask A Network Marketing Company

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It seems like every network marketing company has almost the same pitch. They talk about: -The Company -The Product -The Comp Plan -The Timing etc. And all are very important, of course. But I have yet to hear about a company that claims they have a mediocre company, product, comp plan, or lousy timing. They [...]

The Myth Of Duplication

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A few years ago I built an online recruiting system for a company. When we launched it, the owner of the company was absolutely shocked by the reaction. He was convinced that everybody in his company used a certain "system," that he had been teaching. They all nodded their heads when he spoke, and even [...]

Top 5 Pay Per Click Marketing Mistakes

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Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) is a rush when it's humming and making you cash, but it can also be a real bummer when it's costing you a bunch of money and not generating leads or making you money. Here's the top 5 mistakes people make, specifically in the biggest PPC platform, Google Adwords: 1. [...]

Join My Pyramid Scheme! Just 9 Meetings A Month!

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Wow. Somebody told me the other day their company's "system" was the following: -A local meeting every Wednesday night. -A mandatory live training every Thursday night. -A Saturday event once a month. That's a total of AT LEAST 9 meetings a month! That's so 70's! I can't imagine taking two evenings a week away from [...]