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Wow! “Direct Traffic” Conundrum Tested by Groupon

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If you have been marketing online for any length of time, you HATE the massive percentage of traffic that Google Analytics (GA) throws into the "Direct Traffic" category. What is Direct Traffic? Well, who knows? It's meaningless. It's basically GA saying, "We have NO IDEA where this traffic came from." Nice. As the marketer spending [...]

What is Content Curation?

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  So, it's probably safe to say that you've never laid awake at night wondering what content curation is,  right? But, chances are that your marketing strategy could benefit from a little content curation magic. But what is it anyway?  Simply put, content curation is the aggregation of internet info aligned in a way to [...]

#34 Social Marketing for Non “Techy” People

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Perhaps the biggest misconception that is shared among marketers who consider themselves "non-techy" is the opinion that there is only one right way and a zillion wrong ways to market through social media.  In reality, there are countless ways to establish a successful marketing presence with social platforms, but there are also countless-plus-one ways to [...]

#33 The Social Marketing Easy Button

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If you've ever felt overwhelmed by trying to make a powerful social media presence for your business, you're not alone!  Truth is, creating content for each of your social media platforms is daunting.  Wouldn't it be cool if there was a social marketing easy button? Maybe there really is an "easy button" for social marketing, [...]

Fly Like a Hummingbird!

– Posted in: Online Marketing, SEO Tips

Google... Google, Google, Google. We love Google. Here at Escape the Matrix, we use them for a variety of different things from posting tid bits of info to our following, broadcasting our radio show, searching for the latest and greatest, and of course some SEO on all our sites and our clients' sites. Sometimes Google [...]

Your Sales Funnel Sucks. How to Fix it.

– Posted in: Entrepreneurship, Online Marketing

A Sales Funnel varies a lot depending on your type of business, product, marketing channels, etc. In this course we will cover: -Case studies of 3 different sales funnels we actually use -How sales funnels vary depending on product and industry -Tools necessary for each sales funnel -How to measure and track etc. The graphic [...]