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Wow! “Direct Traffic” Conundrum Tested by Groupon

– Posted in: Google Analytics, Internet Marketing Training, Online Marketing

If you have been marketing online for any length of time, you HATE the massive percentage of traffic that Google Analytics (GA) throws into the "Direct Traffic" category. What is Direct Traffic? Well, who knows? It's meaningless. It's basically GA saying, "We have NO IDEA where this traffic came from." Nice. As the marketer spending [...]

#33 The Social Marketing Easy Button

– Posted in: Content Marketing, Facebook, Internet Marketing Training, Online Marketing, Radio Show, Social Marketing

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by trying to make a powerful social media presence for your business, you're not alone!  Truth is, creating content for each of your social media platforms is daunting.  Wouldn't it be cool if there was a social marketing easy button? Maybe there really is an "easy button" for social marketing, [...]

Jedi Copy Writing Secrets

– Posted in: Content Marketing, Copy Writing, E Mail Marketing, Internet Marketing Training

Ever wonder what makes the difference between the millions of boring, non producing websites splattered all over the web, and the sites that seem to hypnotize visitors and almost force them to grab their credit cards and buy? Well, the major difference between sites that convert and make huge money and those that don't is [...]

23 Golden Rules for Online Entrepreneurs

– Posted in: Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing Training, Leadership, Personal Development, Personal Efffectiveness

As I prepare for the Escape The Matrix radio show, I have thought a lot about the basics. What makes mine, and other successful online businesses work? Why is it that so many people fail? In an attempt to help people be more successful, I have spent a lot of time thinking about those rules [...]

The CRITICAL Importance of Titles, Descriptions and Keywords

– Posted in: Affordable SEO, Internet Marketing Training, SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

When it comes to the titles, descriptions and keywords on a website, most people get it completely wrong. Some don't even think about it, and end up with crappy ones by default. But not you! In this video, learn exactly what they are, how to do them right as part of your affordable SEO strategy, [...]

Internet marketing training courses- free!

– Posted in: Internet Marketing Training

Simple way to get internet marketing training courses for free, or close to it. App Sumo is a very cool discount service that attracts some of the top marketers, who provide really good courses at deep discounts. One of our operating MO's is that everyone in our company starts their day with training. We buy [...]

Lighthouse Marketing Site Improvements

– Posted in: Internet Marketing Training

We have made some very cool improvements to the Lighthouse Marketing System: 1. We have added what is possibly the best personal development store on the web. There are thousands of items, from every personal development guru, including Steven Covey, Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyosaki, and about every other guru you can imagine. What’s the top [...]