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Infographic Generator Tips

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Infographic Generator Tips, Using Keynote (or Powerpoint) or InstantInfographicPresence. Infographics are no longer optional for savvy content marketers. Pinterest started it, the market responded, and now Infographics have become "must have" elements of your content marketing strategy. As far as Infographic generators go, I only use 2, and both are super inexpensive and easy to [...]

The Savvy Marketers Guide to Profitable Website Design and Development

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"I guess I'm supposed to have a website for my company because that seems to be the thing to do." "I'm also supposed to buy thousands of boring business cards and set them on my front counter in hopes that people will care to grab one and then all-of-a-sudden become lifetime customers" ============= Here's the [...]

Pinteresting Graphic Design

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*** Note that this page will be completed after the radio show airs on 7/10/13, but here are some of the examples and notes we will be discussing. Come back later for complete transcript of the show and how you can make all your websites more "Pinteresting" and more likely to engage and sell!*** Example [...]