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Google Plus For Business

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Google Plus For Business. Make sure and download the free guide below. Or: Google Plus, not just for Google employees anymore ;-). While the graphic on the right may be funny, and somewhat true, it's certainly not true anymore in regards to Google+. Nope, Google Plus for business... it's legit. Here's some facts for you: [...]

Learn How To “Claim Your Name” On Google

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My partner Mike Ray used to own his name on Google. But, alas, once he hit the millionaire club in his company he got lazy, and in January of 09 he entered his name, only to find (gasp!) he’s doesn’t own a SINGLE spot in the top 50 for the search term “mike ray”! Shock [...]

3 Sweet Article Marketing Strategies

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Article Marketing has been promoted as one of the key online business building strategies for years, yet very few people have been successful with it. I think the main reasons people fail with it is because they perceive it as being a lot of work, and they don’t see results quick enough. Two good reasons [...]

25 Free Ways To Get Traffic To A Site

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OK, here’s 25 free ways to get traffic to a site. Not in detail (too much work) but hopefully this at least gives you some ideas, because very few marketers are using all of them, and maybe just a handful could make a HUGE difference in your business! Here we go: 1 Social Content Sites [...]

Coolest of the Twitter tools

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Looking for kewl twitter tools? Well, I hesitate to give this one out. I wish I could monetize it somehow, but I can’t, so to you, most esteemed and faithful reader of my humble blog, I am going to bite the bullet and tell you about this, the coolest of the free twitter tools. It’s [...]

Hubpage: 1,028 free visitors and counting

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In February I created my first hub page. It took me a couple hours to do the research and put the article together. Since then I have generated 1,028 visitors, and 4 new recruits into my online network marketing business. All for free. And now it just keeps working for me, day in and day [...]

Are you maximizing your tweets?!

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Did you know you can use twitter to up-date your Facebook feed? It’s easy to do, and gives you control over what your Facebook friends see. Just search apps for the Twitter plugin, and follow the directions. From now on, every time you tweet, your Facebook friends will see what you’re up to! Which is [...]