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Facebook Wall-Jacking For Free Likes And Exposure

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Last Saturday I was guest lecturing at UVU, and taught the students the concept of Wall-Jacking. The case study they are working on is a womens clothing accessory called the Scarf-Cardi, a combination scarf and cardigan idea they had for their marketing project. So in that context, I'm teaching them how to get more likes [...]

7 Simple Facebook Page Tips

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I'm working on my Facebook strategy, and decided I'm not going to work multiple pages. It's too much of a pain in the neck. I have an existing page for my personal brand, Escape The Matrix, and was about to create a whole new page for the Social Marketing Blackbox. But the two are so [...]

Facebook Ads Grow Up

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If you've tried Facebook ads, you were probably disappointed. I've dabbled in them two to three times over the years, and always gave up in frustration. My most common complaint was lack of impressions, and when I could get impressions, lousy CTR (click through rate). Well, apparently, Facebook ads grew up in 2010. According to [...]

Fake Facebook Users In For A Slap

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Are you doing some Facebook Marketing through a "fake" profile on Facebook? Get ready to be slapped down. According to Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, all fake profiles are about to be shut down. If you have opened an account as a business, hurry and change your profile pic, and make your profile personal. Then [...]

How To Create A Cool Facebook Fan Page URL

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Do you have a Facebook Fan Page? If not, you should! Unlike a group, a Fan Page shows up outside of Facebook, is an easy and free way to promote your stuff, and has a great chance of growing virally. But it comes with a lousy looking URL! Learn how to create a much better [...]

Sorry, but I’m divorcing my Facebook Friends

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I have been a big fan of Facebook for a long time. Even after they banned my first account (my fault!) I still loved them. But now there is another “Facebook Slap” that is going to shut down a LOT of users accounts, and I don’t want any part of it! Facebook is big. REALLY [...]