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#34 Social Marketing for Non “Techy” People

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Perhaps the biggest misconception that is shared among marketers who consider themselves "non-techy" is the opinion that there is only one right way and a zillion wrong ways to market through social media.  In reality, there are countless ways to establish a successful marketing presence with social platforms, but there are also countless-plus-one ways to [...]

#33 The Social Marketing Easy Button

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If you've ever felt overwhelmed by trying to make a powerful social media presence for your business, you're not alone!  Truth is, creating content for each of your social media platforms is daunting.  Wouldn't it be cool if there was a social marketing easy button? Maybe there really is an "easy button" for social marketing, [...]

#GameChanger! #BoostYourGoogle+Posts!

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When you boost a post on Facebook, it goes When you boost a post on Google+, it goes to...over 2 million sites on the Google Display Network! If you didn't think Google+ was a #gamechanger yet, then this should convince you that it surely is! For the first time ever, you can pay to [...]

Facebook: Top 4 Marketing Tips for 2013

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You've seen the vast kingdom that is Facebook and you want to take control of the whole of it! That's a good idea, but let's take a second look before you jump in with both feet and end up doing something silly that will later make you look like you have about as much Facebook [...] Small Business Forum Online Marketing Training Notes

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The small business forum took place this morning in Draper, UT, and as promised on our radio show I attended and took copious notes, and there's really some great nuggets in here! Thanks to Debbie Lechner (pictured), the presenter, for doing an outstanding job, I picked up 4-5 really sweet nuggets from this [...]