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Facebook Wall-Jacking For Free Likes And Exposure

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Last Saturday I was guest lecturing at UVU, and taught the students the concept of Wall-Jacking. The case study they are working on is a womens clothing accessory called the Scarf-Cardi, a combination scarf and cardigan idea they had for their marketing project. So in that context, I'm teaching them how to get more likes [...]

Pricing Your Product For Sales and Conversion

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Guest lecturing at UVU I reviewed a cool product called the "Scarf-Cardi," a women's accessory that makes for a handy scarf or cardigan. Pricing is psychological, and choosing price points should be thought out VERY carefully, and tested thoroughly. Here's a few tips I have picked up over the years, and some surprising results: .

5 Tips For Surviving Penguin

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In a "post-penguin" world, here are the things we have learned, and pass on to you, for surviving not only this, but future Google algorithm changes. While I would love to say that we don't need Google, the fact is that at least $45,000 of our monthly revenue is directly attributable to "big G," and [...]

Lessons In Leadership From Michael Phelps

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We just saw Michael Phelps win his record breaking 19th gold medal in the London Oympics. And of course, he gets all the credit for that and is an amazing athlete. But... he did have help along the way, including a great coach that made a difference. For example, when Phelps' goggles filled with water [...]

Success Formula: Three Books That Will Change Your Life

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Here at Escape the Matrix, our entire focus is on success: success of our clients, personal success, and company success are our top priorities.  Of these three categories, we realize that personal success trumps the other two by a landslide. Why?  Because how can we help our clients be successful if our own business is [...]

"You didn't build that… " A rebuttal to the Presidents remarks…

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Recently, the US president made an alarming proclamation to entrepreneurs, insinuating that if they built a business and are successful, "You didn't build that... " It's a surprising thing for any leader of any country to say, but particularly alarming in the enterprising USA. For what it's worth, here's my polite, but correct, rebuttal. ;-) [...]

Online Marketing Power Training

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I have been watching Russell Brunson's "20 Minute Payday" course videos, and I can't recommend them highly enough. This is one of the first guys to earn over $10,000,000 online, and in this video series he just starts at the beginning and gives a connect the dots methodology of how to make money. Check out [...]