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The Content Deluge, or, How To Survive the Surge of Crappy Content

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Looks like my "Content Arbitrage" principle isn't exactly exclusive to me. EVERYBODY is getting on the high quality, high frequency content marketing band wagon. And that's not a bad thing, as long as you understand what you are up against and have a great strategy. It's funny, I just had this conversation with an SEO [...]

The Fusion of Social Postings and Content (Content Arbitrage)

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From the, "I couldn't have said it better myself," category, there's a great piece on the relationship between social content and social media postings today on Search Engine Land, where apparently Jordan Kasteler has inadvertently stolen some of my best stuff (Content Arbitrage.) No, actually I'm sure he's never even heard of me, let alone [...]

How To Create Great Content Every Day

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If you've been marketing online for more than about a month, you're heard the old saying "content is king," right? But... how in the world are you going to create fresh, new content every day? And yes, you have to do it every day. Of course, once you make money you will hire it out [...]

Shhhh… Leaked Content Manager Training Brief

– Posted in: Content Marketing

I have been working a lot with Steve Stay to dial in training for content managers. One day, he sent me this doc, with great instructions on how we train our content managers. After reading it, I thought it would make a great blog post, so here I'm going to open up the hood and [...]

Content Creation Tips: One Signature Post Per Week

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If you have been following the roller coaster ride we call "Google" lately, you've heard about Penguins, Pandas, Farmers, and Whiners. The Whiners are those people who hate Google, and got kicked off the ride. The problem they have is really simple: they never understood Google in the first place. Google's MO is really simple. [...]

How To Generate Great Content Every Day

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If you've been marketing online for more than, say, a month, you have already heard that Content is King, right? Then, after playing with all the "get rich quick," and "this method works while you sleep" bull crap methods that you wasted your money on, you realize this industry is actually work, and to create [...]

This worked so good I stopped doing it…

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Content Marketing. Have you ever had one of those "just kick me in the head now" moments when you realize you've made a major marketing blunder? I had one of those recently. I was on a webinar with Don Crowther, one of my social marketing mentors, and he casually mentioned that his mortgage is completely [...]