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Marketing List Management For Dummies

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I had another marketing list management discussion yesterday with a Lighthouse Marketing System client. We are in discussions about them using the Lighthouse Marketing System as their marketing list management system. There are three partners involved in the decision, two of them absolutely get it, but one of them doesn’t see the need for either [...]

Automate Your Network Marketing Business!

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Life has been SOOOOO much better since I AUTOMATED my network marketing business! I used to chase prospects, now they chase me! Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter send me traffic, targeted leads, and signups EVERY DAY! And you can do it to, IF you are simply willing to learn the recipe and implement the strategies [...]

The Downside Of A Lousy Web Presence

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How good is your personal Web Presence? By “web presence,” I mean your over-all exposure on the internet. How's your web presence? One way to find out is to ask yourself these questions: 1. Google your name. Are you on the front page? Second page? Or are you M.I.A. (Missing In Action!) 2. Do you [...]

Interesting Stats On Youtube Video Marketing…

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I was checking the stats on my Youtube video marketing recently, and was surprised by this graph showing the demographics of the people watching my videos: And they say only kids use Youtube! Absolutely not. And even though most of my videos are super simple (my boring voice, no music, and displaying a powerpoint presentation) [...]

Gold for dollars, anybody?

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A woman in Salt Lake City walked into a bank with 20 solid gold dollars. For some bizarre reason she cashed them in at face value, $20. The teller put the gold coins in her purse, took out a 20, and put that in the till.Gold Eagles The fair market value of each gold pieces [...]

Myths And Reality Of Duplicate Content

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There is so much bad information out there about duplicate content, that I want to cover the issue, what it is, why you might want to use it, how you should use it, and where and where not to use it. (There are two types of duplicate content, dupe content within a site and dupe [...]

Tweetlater Adds More Cool Functionality

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I’ve been a fan of tweetlater ( for a long time, and have seen several improvements since it was launched. One of my favorite tweetlater additions is the Keyword Digest that keeps me informed what’s happening in the “twitterverse” regarding certain keyterms I’m following. New functionality includes greater reach through integration. Tweetlater is a [...]

Is The BEST Time For Financial Success Online?

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Is it possible that this is the BEST time for financial success online? Well, for starters, here’s a nugget for you: ***Worldwide online commerce rose 35% last year*** Contrary to what the negative media would have us believe, there is HUGE opportunity in the world right now! In my niche, for example (online network marketing) [...]

How To Get Your Name On Google

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Want to learn how to get your name on Google? It’s easier than you think. I was able to grab 37 of the top 50 spots, and all ten of the first page, by doing some pretty simple things. And if you don’t think it’s important to get your name on Google, guess again! The [...]