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My Business Values Statement

– Posted in: Personal Development

Just for fun, I thought I would publish my business values statement, or business creed. I was introduced to the idea by Steven Covey in his book, “7 Habits Of Highly Effective People,” in which he advises people to create a mission statement. A business values statement is along those lines, but isn’t all encompassing like a mission statement, it just focuses on business.

Here’s the 21 keys in my business values statement:

1. I am a wealth creator, and attract money every day.

2. I am a thought leader.

3. I create a winning team. I’m careful about who rides on my business bus.

4. I love people and use money, and never get those two reversed.

5. Regarding my business associates, my job is to keep them in their greatness.

6. I speak positively of others, and defend those that are absent.

7. I am never cocky, needy, or greedy.

8. I work harder on myself than I do on my business.

9. I refuse to participate in financial downturns. I create my own economy.

10. My work environment is a “no drama” zone. No gossip, no whining.

11. I don’t “spend” time. I focus on the 20% that earns 80%

12. I am a master delegator and don’t waste time on triviality.

13. In tough times, I am the first to arrive and the last to leave.

14. I respect money and use it wisely. My business is fed, not bled.

15. I do not separate my business and religion. I live my religion through my business and am a shining light and good example to others.

16. I leverage my time and resources through effective use of technology.

17. I spend a lot of time with those that share my values, and little time with those that don’t.

18. I am strictly honest, and don’t steal in any way, including music, movies, and software. I am 100% trustworthy.

19. I add more to the marketplace than I take.

20. I am an example of charitable giving in both time and money.

21. I leave my work at work. At home I am 100% husband and dad.

I keep these above my desk on a huge sticky note, and review them every morning. As you can see, it’s personal to me, but I hope you get some good ideas from this for your own statement. Feel free to “Rob and Duplicate” all you want!.

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