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#31 Breakthrough SEO Marketing Tips for 2014

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SEO marketing tips for 2014

To just “have a website” is easy, but to have an efficient website that helps your company reach its goals takes some work and understanding.  In our last show, Dave and Dan suggested that no matter what your goals for your website are, a few aspects must be considered.  This suggestion gave birth to the following following list of essential onsite factors for any website.
  • Niche Research (find a niche/ product) – Who is your target, and how will you differentiate?
  • Keyword research – Know the words consumers use to find products like yours.
  • Identify major keyword for home page
  • Buy a Keyword rich URL (I recommend for this)
  • Identify 4-6 secondary keywords for sub-pages
  • Copy Writing
  • Style Guide – Establish a style identity for your brand, and stick to it.
  • Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Disclaimer pages
  • Contact Form – Consumers need to know how to got a hold of you.
  • About Us – The more you know someone, the more you like them.  The same goes for your company and website!
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap.xml
  • RSS Feed
  • Keyword Use:
  1. Title once and near beginning
  2. Meta description once and near beginning
  3. keyword once and near beginning
  4. H1 once and near the beginning
  5. H2 once and near the beginning
  6. Alt tag of an image once and all other image alt tags should just explain what the image is about
  7. Keyword should be bolded once and italicized once as well
  • Add Analytics
  • 4-6 pages of 100% unique and original content

Years of experience on the part of Dave and Dan prove that this is a recipe for a successful website.  If the terminology seems intimidating, you’re not alone.  Commit now to learn how to optimize your web presence!  View some of our past shows, and check out our “Vault” marketing education database found under the “Go Premium!” tab of


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