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Blogging Tips and Tools for SEO and Engagement

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A few blogging tips for improved on site and off site optimization:blogging tips graphic

1. Correct amount of optimization is to include the keyword in the URL, title, description, and ONCE in the content. That’s it. Semantic search will take care of the rest if you just create good content without worrying about stuffing the keyword all over the place!

2. ALWAYS include infographics. They can be simple, but they should also stand alone, and tell a story or anecdote if they were to be shared on Pinterest. Of course, if they don’t stand alone, they will never GET pinned.

3. Break content down into easy to digest, bite sized pieces and bullet points.

4. Use a tool like RSS Curator to create internal linkbuilding, and out bound authority links.

5. Use an SEO tool to ensure your keyword is used correctly.

Check out the video as I show you step by step how to completely optimize a blog post with all these factors:

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