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Are Social Signals the New Link Building? Uh… No.

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I’ve been fascinated with the synergy between social media and SEO for some time, and have believed, as most other SEO pro’s did, that social signals were becoming more and more important in link building strategy. But I’m no scientist, and haven’t conducted any research or studies on it, rather I have just paid attention to the best practices I glean from experience, high level forums I’m in, and measuring and reporting on dozens of sites of my own, and my signals not seo

So, I found the following article to be very insightful, and somewhat myth-busting as well. But before I send you there, let me just state exactly what I currently believe the relationship between SEO and Social Media is:

1. Social signals are NOT links into your website, and Google doesn’t consider them as such.

2. SEO is still the highest converting form of traffic, as the buyer intent is very high, while the buying intent of social traffic is very low.

3. Social Marketing IS supportive of SEO, as it can lead to actual high quality, inbound links

4. 80% of SEO is still about high quality, external link building.

OK, so there you have it. And before you argue with me, read this, it’s well researched and well written.


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