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Affiliate Marketing | How to Find Local SEO Referrals

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In case you haven’t heard, we have an incredible affiliate program that allows you to generate 20% ($134+) commissions residually by referring businesses to our SEO services.  Many people know friends and family who have businesses that need better rankings and that’s a great way find referrals, but if you are looking to create more long term passive income, here is a fantastic way find companies in need of local SEO Services. (We picked up this formula from Source Wave)

Before proceeding, you will need to sign up as an affiliate (don’t worry this is completely free and there are no strings or gimmicks attached) to sign up as an affiliate visit:

Here are the four basic steps to finding local SEO clients:

1. Find companies in need of better rankings

2. Call them on the phone

3. Sell them on SEO (this may sound hard but it’s much easier than you think!)

4. Close the deal

So lets get started.

1. Finding Companies in Need of Better Rankings

Finding businesses in need of SEO is much easier than you might think. We want to find customers with these two qualifications:

1. The best companies to focus on are ones with high price-per-customer; atorneys, dentists, orthodontists, chiropractors, dermatologists and other similar businesses are great examples.  They tend to make $1,000+ per customer they bring in, so if we can tell them that our efforts will bring in 3-5 customers or more every month, they can instantly see the value.  In addition, these companies tend to have more capital than other local businesses.

2. They can’t already have good rankings on Google.  We obviously won’t be able to sell somebody who is already where they want to be on Google.  However, the process we use to find them eliminates this problem.

How to Find them

Finding businesses that need local SEO is incredibly easy!  All you need to do is go to google and search for a “city+industry”  for example:

Birmingham Chiropractor

Colorado Springs Dentist

Midlothian Construction

Reno Attorney

Boise Architect


Then go back to page 2, 3, and 4 of google. Visit the websites and write down their phone numbers, and voila! You now have a list of prospects who are in need of SEO services.

We recommend targeting smaller towns and suburbs.  Businesses in these areas tend to be more open to SEO services and are less likely to have already been sold on some one else’s SEO services.  Also, businesses in larger areas are more likely to be constantly marketed to and therefore they are more likely to hang up on you if they discover you are trying to market something.

2. Calling Them

When you call a business to sell them on SEO, you have to reach either the business owner or the decision maker; the only problem is they are rarely are the ones who answer the phone.  Usually you will have to get through a secretary or gatekeeper first. Sometimes it will be as simple as just asking for them, but other times it will take a little bit of finagling to get through.

First of all, do not sound like a telemarketer when you call them!  This is a rookie mistake that will make you get hung up on almost instantly.  A better way is to make it sound like you specialize in marketing their niche and you have a solution to their problems.

“Hello my name is Jon.  I know you have a lot going on so I will make it fast.  I specialize in marketing for chiropractors and I was wondering if I could talk to whoever is in charge of your marketing a little later today or tomorrow?”

And leave it at that.  Don’t try to sell them the second you get on the phone or you will be rejected by the gatekeeper.  Notice in this intro you are showing that you respect their time and you build their curiosity by telling them you specialize in their field.  You are also not trying to force your way through, but rather you are just scheduling a time you can call back to meet with the decision maker.

3. Selling Them on SEO

The majority of businesses do not know what SEO is and honestly most don’t care.  Your job is just to tell them the return on investment or ROI. Before you try selling them, you have to understand their wants and needs, which are:

1. Making more money (more customers)
2. Getting more publicity/exposure
3. Making it easier for customers to find them

You also need to understand their concerns:

1. Their competition is beating them
2. Losing $ due to being hard to find
3. Dying out due to lack of new business

Note that ranking on google isn’t in either of these lists, neither is having a strong online marketing presence, or effective SEO.  Our job is to focus on their cares and problems, then tell them that we can help.

The guys at Source Wave explained this really well, so I am going to let them teach this next part.

How To Smother Business Owners With Cares and Problems

When I talk to a business owner I do not sell them at all. I frankly make them very upset, worried, and excited to have found a solution. This is because I stick to their cares and problems.

For example if I get a business owner on the phone.

“Hey my name is Alex. I work around the local area, and when searching for your profession online I noticed it is really hard to find you. With that being said your competitors A,B,C (look at whose ranking well) are all showing up highly everywhere I look and probably making a killing because of it”

Look what I just highlighted their. Their competitors are out doing them (problem) and making money they could be making (care). I do not mention SEO at all, I mention their huge problem and the money they are losing. Then after they respond I will throw in something like.

“Well, if you want I specialize in helping your type of profession get more exposure in searches. Basically, you jump on with me, I make you 10x easier to find online and you get more paying customers because of it”

Again I am not forcefully selling. I say “if you want” and mentioning I specialize in their profession (aka I am perfect for them). I then highlight what they care about “being found” and “getting more customers”. I am basically saying, “If you want I can fix your problems and get you what you care about”

Then after that I will say

“I know your busy right now, but if your interested I would love to go over some of my past results with similar businesses and show you what I can do for you”

Remember, the person is likely busy AND is not going to buy from you over the phone. These two things work against you. Counter them by offering another time to “close the deal”.

Also look at what I am saying “I am willing to show you that this is a sound investment before you buy“. So far we have agitated their problems, provided them a solution and highlighted everything they care about. They would have to be insane not to want to speak with you further.

At this point simply schedule a in person or over the phone meeting. It is now time to “close the deal”

Step 4: Closing The Deal

If you can, one of the best ways to really sell somebody on SEO is to meet with them either in person, or via skype or some other video chat program that allows you to do a screen share.  Then, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Search For Them In Google and Show Them Their Awful Ranking

This makes them realize see and realize that they are suffering. Most of the time they are not even aware of this.

Physically show them the first page of Google and say we can get you here. This makes them understand what SEO is and what I do.

Step 2: Bring Up The Keyword Tool and Show Them The Traffic They Are Losing

Bring up the google keyword tool and show them the search volumes for relevant local searches (Keep it on broad). Then ask them for the amount they make per customer. Usually its around $200-$2000 dollars.

Step 3: Compare How Much They Could Be Making On A “Bad Day”

Give them a low end estimate of how much they could profit. For example:

“Look 2,000 people search for your business in this area per month…If we can get even 5% of those people to your site and convert them at 5% then you will make $2,000 a month off of us. By the way these are my super low end bad day estimates. Most Google traffic converts much higher and we can likely get more than 5% of these people.”

What this does is make them realize how much money they are missing out on and gets them excited. After all, this is the LOW end estimates. It also justifies the cost of SEO services, which seem very small compared to the amount they will bring in.

In addition to this, you can mention that our SEO services include one PR Web press release per month (a $350 value by itself).  These are syndicated in their local areas and get hundreds of page reads and visitors to their websites.

Step 4: Walk Them Through Results

In your affiliate back office we have several examples of the results we have had with our SEO clients.  We recommend showing them the local search results.

Step 5: Mention Your Price

Our local search SEO price is $670 per month. Compare that to their $2,000 per month and they will be sold.

Step 6: Counter Objections

At this point the person will either be all in OR will have some questions. You need to be able to answer these. Here are a few of the most common ones:

Will you need access to my site?

Yes, we need this to optimize it for Google searches. We will not be making any large changes to it, just moving a few words around.

How long till I see results

We can have you seeing results within the first month or two.

Is this safe, will my business get in trouble

Yes this is totally legal and the way I do this is 100% safe

How do you make my site rank in Google

The secret is to go change a few words on your site and optimize the files so that it’s a perfect match for the searches you need. Then we got to authoritative websites and build links to your site. This builds trust in Google and makes your site look good. This results in higher rankings. (Remember your client has no clue what SEO is, keep it as “for dummies” as possible

Step 7: Close The Deal

At this point offer them the chance to sign up. You can use your affiliate link and have them sign up right there in person.  We can take checks or paypal (paypal usually allows you to get your affiliate commissions faster).  We will take it from there and the rest is history!  You have just created a residual source of income for the next 6 months as long as they pay!  If you would like more information about this and other ways to make money with our affiliate program send an email with your comments and concerns to



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