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Pinterestingly Enough- A Marketers Guide to Pinterest.

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Pinterest marketing is a fun and easy way to grab some great traffic and improve your brand.pinterest-marketing-infographic And happily, creating content for Pinterest is much easier than any kind of content. No long articles to write, or long blog posts, or even videos. It’s just about graphics, and infographics, and these are often fun and easy to create, and should be used in your regular content creation process anyway, so it’s a natural, easy method to add to your marketing arsenal.

So what is it?

Pinterest simply is a social bookmarking site where people collect and share photos of their favorite interests, hobbies etc. and organize them by boards. There is a huge power in the word “Like” in the marketing world.

Why use it?

-Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks online. It is the third- largest social network behind only Facebook and Twitter.

-Multiple brand studies have shown Pinterest is more effective at driving sales than other forms of social media

-In January 2012, Pinterest drove more referral traffic to retailers than LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+.

-In one case study of a fashion website, users visiting from Pinterest spent an average of $180.

More cool stuff you should know:

-Sephora’s Pinterest followers spend 15 times more than its Facebook fans.

-70 percent of brand engagement on Pinterest is generated by users, not brands.

-81 percent of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from Pinterest.

-Average activity of popular pinners is 2,757 pins; 35 boards; following 355.

In this post, I’m not going to go into detail on pinning, what a board is, or other elementary aspects of Pinterest. You can learn all that yourself at the site in about 10 minutes of poking around. Rather, I’m going to give you some hi-lites from the Premium Course we are creating in our back office, and try to point you in the right direction.

There are six steps to success on Pinterest:

Step 1: Pick Your Topic (Identify your target market)
Step 2: Create a Pinterest Account
Step 3: Optimize your Profile for mass traffic
Step 4: Create your Boards
Step 5: Pinning
Step 6: Getting Followers

We’re So Pinteresting When We’re On Live Radio!

Step 1: Pick Your Topic (Identify your target market)

Good questions to ask yourself:

What kind of people are you trying to reach?

What do they look like?

What are they looking for?

What do you actually do for them?

What kind of information would they be interested to know about and pay for?

What are your competitors offering to your audience?

Can you offer a better service/product than your competitors?

Especially focus on the questions regarding your competitors, or those in a similar niche. Simply finding our what they are doing on Pinterest, and analyzing their profiles will give you a wealth of knowledge and ideas.

Step 2: Create a Pinterest Account

Now, as mentioned above I’m not going to walk you through elementary level how to’s you can easily figure out yourself. Just follow the basics of any social account creation: fill out the profile completely, use graphics that you are proud of, make sure and include links to your money pages, and make sure and use a business account, not a personal account.

Step 3: Optimize your Profile for mass traffic

Utilize your major keyword well on Pinterest.

Place your hot keyword instead of your first name and last name (optional). That will give you a more attractive identification to your Pinterest page. For a business account, just leave the name of your company. People online need to know your company by its name.

You are able to edit your username as well if you want, but remember to stay in the topic you are trying to build on Pinterest. This is not recommended if you already have a long term username on Pinterest. It’s as bad as changing the name of a well establish company. Stay general as well, because this is the Home page of your Pinterest page account. You will be able to be more specific on every board you will build.

Appeal to the specific audience you are trying to reach using the proper copy in the “About You” section. Use your hot keyword as well, but once or twice is sufficient. Don’t “keyword stuff” your about you text. Remember you are approaching mainly women, write accordingly.

If you have a brick and mortar business, enter the address. For local search, this is very effective.

Finally, insert your website. Use “http://” in front of it. Pinterest will ask you to verify your website.

Step 4: Create your Boards

Your Pinterest page is like a website where the pages are the Boards. Every board will target a specific topic in your niche. Even the Boards have a unique website address as well.

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, so if you want to see a simple example of an actual Pinterest account we have created, here’s one. Open these in a new browser window so you can go back and forth and see what I’m describing. First of all, open this link:

and you will see a simple account we have created in the wellness niche, for a store:

You will notice that each “board” has it’s own URL, like so:

You will also see a real picture of one of my assistants, Mickey, who does a great job of pinning, and runs this Pinterest account as part of her social marketing duties. If you have staff or a virtual assistant, this is a great thing about Pinterest (you don’t have to do it 😉 Plus, she really enjoys it, and can easily do it along with posting to Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc., and all of these postings are synergistic (see our amazing Content Arbitrage to learn how to grab traffic from all these sources on a high level)

Your Pinterest page is like a website where the pages are the Boards. Every board will target a specific topic in your niche. Even the Boards have a unique website address as well.

Pinterest even cares about your Page Title. This is something extremely powerful to the search engines, and Pinterest knows that. They do everything for you to establish a highly successful page in their platform.

Search engines love these kinds of page. Now, pay close attention to the URL and even the title of your brand new board. I don’t have words to say how hot this type of page is to the search engines, so it may rank high for people to see it on the first places of the search engines results.


Search for really popular interests on Pinterest. Go to the top right section and click on and there you will find all interests listed in Pinterest. You will find an option called “Popular.” Check on Pins that have a lot of “repins” and see if any of the topics have something to do with yours.

Search for other websites talking about Pinterest. You can search in Google for sites talking about trends on Pinterest, top pins, popular Pinterest boards, etc. Those websites have awesome statistics really well organized way better than Pinterest in the matter of trends.

Something vital here as well is to check on popular shopping websites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Sears, Apple, etc. you can find highly- profitable marketing ideas for your boards topic. Do you know how much money those huge businesses spend on Market Research to launch their high-selling products?

Step 5: Pinning

Once you post something into your Pinterest Board, every single person that has followed your Specific Board will receive that same pin into their own Pinterest Feed.

The Pinterest Feed is:

  1. The first thing that a Pinterest user looks at every time he/she enters into their Pinterest account.
  2. It is the place where a Pinterest user receives every single pin you have posted into your own Pinterest boards, as well as all the pins from all the Pinterest Boards they have followed.

It is one of the most-seen places of the entire Pinterest account by every Pinterest user.

One of the great advantages of the Pinterest Feed section is that it has the ability to place every pin right on top in the order they are received. This means that if you decide to send 5 pins at once, all of them will be placed in the top of all of the pins, no matter what other pins are in there.

Another great thing about it is if that same user decides to follow another of your boards, he/she will get all of your posted pins right away in the top of his/her Pinterest Feed.

If your friends click on a “Pin it” button, the friends of your friend will receive that exact same pin into the top of their Pinterest feed, and if the friends of your friends do the same, the viral effect is then taking place, with just a simple and single click.

Now your goal will be to create at least 9 pins in each board.

The reason for you to add 9 things before we look after followers to get traffic is because Pinterest designed the boards throughout the interface to show 9 of the latest thumbnails for each board.

9 items on every single board will show fellow pinners that you are an active pinner on Pinterest which people like.

In order to post a pin you just need to click on the “add a pin” button.Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 9.38.36 PM

From computer: will give you the ability to upload an image from your computer.

From website: will give you the ability to pin images from a website URL.
From Pinterest: will give you the ability to pin other pinners’ pins which is called

“repin” to your own board.

Something amazing about pins is that after you have created your pin, if you go and edit it you will find the option of placing a URL in the Source box. And you will be able to even enter a clickable URL into the description box as well.

You will be able to pin even videos in your board. Pining video is so easy to do. In order to do that you will need to go to a video sharing site, search for a relevant video, find the Pinterest button, click on it, select your board and pin it.

My advice for creating highly effective Pins are:

-Use highly relevant items to your board’s topic. If people are visiting your Wedding Rings board, what content should you be showing to them? Wedding Rings of course.
Besides images, you are allowed to pin videos as well. What you need to do here is to search for the Pin button located at the “share” area of the video, click the button, if you are logged in to Pinterest you just select your board and click “pin it”. Videos are really attractive to people, and can be pinned.

-Something great about pins is that you are able to place a clickable URL on 4 different spots of the pin no matter what pinning method you use. If people decide to click on it, they will be redirected to any place you want them to be redirected: your website, affiliate product, squeeze page, etc. Affiliate URLs are not welcome on Pinterest anymore so I suggest you register and use a highly-related domain and redirect all of you traffic to it.

Pinterest traffic is high-converting so you won’t have problems making money from any product you might be promoting from your website.

You have the ability to repin other people’s pins into your own board. Search for pins that have a lot of repins so you will have a pin that you know people are going to repin again. At the same time, I strongly recommend you create or find images that are not in the Pinterest platform. This is because people like new stuff. Once they see something they have not seen before they will start adding it to their collection by repining it.

Thanks to putting highly-relevant pins on your boards, people will start following you. After that they will start seeing your pings every time you post new ones. Using big images is vital so you can grab more eyes from your followers and get them to visit your pins.

Step 6: Getting Followers

1. Follow people

What you need to do here is to start following other relevant boards that are actually sharing some great content on their boards. Once they see your boards are filled with really cool, new and relevant images to their boards, they will start following you back.

2. Commenting.

Another great thing to do is to comment on other popular pins. A lot of people are looking at those pins and, if you comment on them, they will see you and they will be interested to stop by your Pinterest Page and see what you got.

Comment something really helpful; something that people may be moved to comment back to you or thank you for your great participation. You can use the popular feature of Pinterest to find some popular pins that you can comment on in order to get some attention. Find highly pinned pins and start commenting helpful information.

3. Partnering

A Group Board, also known as a Community Board consists of a specific board where many people became invited members from its creator with the ability to pin to the same board all people at the same time. People may find it difficult to get accepted to be a member of a Community Board, but is not that difficult… but, it is beyond the scope of this already 2,000 plus word blog post to give all the detail you need, so I’m signing off here!

This, along with the other posts we have created on Pinterest here in our blog, should be more than enough to help you get a great start on Pinterest, and make sure and check out the amazing benefits of premium membership, all for about the cost of a business lunch with some schmuck who won’t teach you nearly as much 😉

Learn about premium membership here!


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