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A Great Question Based Phone Script

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After 4 years of doing the Daegan Smith “never call a single lead” thing, I’m hitting the phones again! As much as I love automated signups (and will continue to build my core business that way) I’m starting a new team, and I not only want to hit it hard and fast, but set a good example for my new recruits, because very few of them will be able to get automated signups out of the gate. So I’m doing what they’ll be doing, buying 100 tour takers a month, with the goal of weeding through them quickly and recruiting 1-5 people per month, then creating duplication.

So, here’s the script I’m going to be using. Feel free to rob and duplicate it, but do me a favor and if you think you can improve it, drop your comments below! Would love to hear your feedback on this.

The purpose of this script is two fold: To sift through your leads to find the “A” players, and to get through your leads quickly. Most people spend too much time trying to build a relationship in this stage. Remember, your primary relationships are with your existing team, and most marketers spend way too much time doing what they think is “relationship building” with prospects, when in fact they are just wasting time. That’s why few people create true duplication. Too much time working with prospects, not enough time working with those that really deserve it (those that take action).

Of course, be friendly and realize this is the very beginning of a potential relationship with a team member, but you have to establish that they deserve to work with you before you invest serious time with them.

Also, keep in mind that even though it’s called a “script” it should be tailored to your own personality and speech. Keep the fundamentals of each question, but re-write it into your own lingo. Also, allow the conversation to flow. Don’t be so focused on the script that you don’t listen to what they’re telling you.

Write down the date, and answers to the questions in your contact manager, so that you can refer back to them later as you train them and help them develop their business plan to reach their goals.

Last thought, this is not a “sales” script. At no point should you fall into sales mode. Rely on the tools. If they want to see the comp plan, guide them to the online page where they can see it for themselves. If they want to learn more about the product, same thing. Let the tools do the work.

They must prove to you that they are worth your time to work with, not the other way around.

1. Hi, this is Dave Sherwin, you visited my _________ site (yesterday, this morning etc.) I’m just calling to follow up.

A. If they remember the site, move to next question.

B. What website? Clarify. If they still can’t remember, ask, “Are you looking for ways to make money online?” If no, hang up. If yes, proceed to question 2.

2. When you find the business you’re looking for, what is your financial goal? (establish their daily, weekly, or monthly goal)

3. How much time per day are you willing to work to accomplish your goal?

4. For how many months or years are you willing to work at it before you quit and move on to something else?

5. Are you willing to invest $150 a month for product and marketing expenses? (If the answer is no, wish them well and move on)

6. If I can show you how to make (answer from 2) in (answer from 4) months, are you ready to get started today?

If yes:

Great! Exactly what do you need to know to make your decision?
(provide answer(s) then sign them up!)

If no:

When will you be ready to start? (wait for answer)
If you think they have a legitimate reason for waiting, and they are an “A” prospect, make a note to call them back at that time. If they are a B or C player, say:

Sounds great! You’ll be receiving e-mail followups from me, that have my contact information, just give me a call when you’re ready!

The point of this script is to move quickly through your leads to weed out the many tire kickers and procrastinators. Follow up should only be done with serious people! They have to give you a VERY compelling reason to make additional phone calls!.

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Gregory McGuire September 21, 2010, 2:45 pm

Hi Dave,

I recently decided to get a little old school and buy some leads from my company. These were supposedly “ultra-hot, phone verified, less than 48 hours old premium” leads.

In the past, I’ve been sorely disappointed when I’ve purchased leads. About 95% on average don’t answer their phone, and those who do usually don’t even remember requesting information about starting a business.

This past experience, I’m sorry to say, was no different. Of the 10 leads I called, only 2 answered the phone. Before I could say anything, other than, “Is this Jane Smith?” she rudely blurted out, “Not interested,” and hung up.

The second person was a little more cordial, but didn’t remember requesting information. He was a truck driver, and had no interest in starting a business.

Dave, in short, your script looks pretty cool. Just let me know how you manage to get people to answer the phone.

Thanks for sharing! Talk soon.


Dave Sherwin September 21, 2010, 5:58 pm

Great comment! I’m glad you brought this up. My humble, but correct opinion is that all leads are crap. Lead stores, brokers, and companies all “sell” their leads, and that’s fine, until the distributor crashes and burns with them. That being said, out of 100 leads if everybody only recruits one person per month, it works. People expect too much out of their leads.

But there are two very specific differences in what I’m doing:
1. The leads I’m buying, and encouraging my team to buy, are actual Tour Takers of our company’s opportunity site! So they are way better than the average generic opportunity seeker.
2. The lead purchase ($100 for 100 leads) counts in the comp plan! Something I’ve never see before. So it makes sense for everybody to do it, because everybody makes more money in 2 ways: one from recruiting people every month, and the other from their autoship including the leads.

Without those two factors, I probably wouldn’t be promoting the leads near as hard, if at all.

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