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9 Great Video Marketing Tips By NPR's Scott Simon

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If you want to make more money or create buzz with Video Marketing, there’s some really great ideas here by NPR’s Scott Simon: “How to Tell a Story.”
I listed the major points below the video if you want to “R&D” (rob and duplicate, copy and paste, steal, swipe… 😉

9 Video Marketing Take-Aways From The Video:

1. Tell a great story

2. Must have a point.

3. Provide telling, vivid detail

4. Give them something worthy of repeating to others. Make it memorable.

5. The beginning is important! Start off strong

6. Has to be told in short, breathable segments

7. Avoid dependent clauses “actor, activist, humanitarian Brad Pitt.” Just “Brad Pitt”

8. Be conversational. Talk to them like you are talking across a table

9. Have fun!.

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Ray Higdon January 19, 2011, 6:49 am

Good video, more video marketers and info marketers should see this, thanks for sharing