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#33 The Social Marketing Easy Button

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If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by trying to make a powerful social media presence for your business, you’re not alone!  Truth is, creating content for each of your social media platforms is daunting.  Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a social marketing easy button?

Maybe there really is an “easy button” for social marketing, but perhaps the “easiness” is a product of understanding the simplicity of social media marketing.  In this week’s show, we learned from Dave and Dan how simple social media marketing can be.  The fact is, once you understand the principle of content arbitrage and the power of getting social, your social media marketing efforts will become much more efficient.

Content Arbitrage

If you have any experience with Escape the Matrix, or Dave and Dan’s YouTube trainings, chances are you have heard this term before.  Content arbitrage is an extremely stress-relieving principle for online marketers.  Simply put, it is the art of taking one idea and spreading it across several platforms.  Instead of creating new content for each post and platform, why not leverage that same idea, and just customize it for each of your social sites?  When you aren’t curating others’ content, you should absolutely be spreading your original content consistently across all social media platforms.

Get Social

The fact is, using social media isn’t a replacement for being social, it is a catalyst for improving our sociability!  Why not use it as such?  Simply throwing our content out into cyberspace and hoping someone likes it is a long shot, so why not involve others in the process.  In show #33, Dan made a powerful case for this.  He suggested that on top of simply sharing posts of our own, we can also comment on others’ posts, even if they are our competitors.  Additionally, we can take it a step further and share posts from other sources.  This widens our reach of viewers, which in theory will lead to more exposure of our own content.

Though the “easy button” is simple, it still takes work.  The good news is that it will help focus your social media marketing efforts.  So what are you waiting for?

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